Platelet rich plasma is a concentration of blood plasma which contains about five times the amount of platelets found in normal human blood. Besides the red and white blood cells, our blood also contains platelets. Platelets help the healing process by clotting blood on the wound. Platelets inhibit growth factors which enable the regeneration of blood cells in the body. Platelet rich plasma has been used for medicinal purpose for over the last decade.

Platelets and the tissue regeneration, and healing benefits have been widely known and accepted in scientific literature, but current use in the medical field is still under scrutiny. Using PRP injections for hair loss has the ability to enhance the manner hair loss treatments are performed worldwide, as this procedure is a new and revolutionary way for treating hair loss.

Platelets, and their ability to clot blood is the key to healing wounds. The whole idea behind platelet rich plasma injections is that; an increase in platelet count over a wounded area will accelerate the body’s ability to heal.

The PRP injection works by using the body’s own blood to heal itself. Physicians use the injection therapy to induce growth in transplanted hair, would healing and thinning hair. Many patients have undergone successful treatments.

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